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 About Cuong 
French photographer. Cuong Lê has a background as a photojournalist as well as a studio light technician.
Now, he's spliting his time between artistic residencies, advertising communication, corporate assignments, and press commissions.

His photographic works are recurrently embodied in the rhythm of an immersive and sensorial walk. They question his own intimacy in connection with a territory, questioning the relationship to time and expectation, notably through the prism of youth or the relationship to nature.

Represented by MD Marie Dathanat
(+33)6 61 95 07 39 >                                                      
Distributed by Studio Hans Lucas.
Awards / Fellowship
Main Exhibitions
& Residences
Phone & Location

Grant of the CRC Nantes

for the realization of a photographic work about the city of Nantes

France - 2023

Grant of the InSeine Saint Denis / MC93

for the realization of a photographic work about the territory of Seine St Denis

France - 2022       1 2 3

Grant of the BNF & Ministery of Culture

In the framework of the Great Photographic Commission : radioscopy of France under the health crisis

France - 2021

Grand of the CNAP

for the realization of the project The field of stars or the stirred earth

France - 2021


Shortlisted Mentor Prize

Standing on the beach, staring at the sea

Paris - 2020

Grand Jury Prize Tremplin Jeunes Talents

& Public Prize

Festival Planche(s) Contact

Standing on the beach, staring at the sea
Deauville - 2019

Aidda Prize for social and documentary photography (shortlisted)

My Uncle
Paris - 2008

Kodak Talent Grant

Coup de coeur Reportage

My Uncle
Paris - 2007

SFR Young Talent Award  (shortlisted)

Projection The Modern Life

Maison Européenne de la Photographie
Paris - 2007

Aidda Prize for social and documentary photography (shortlisted)

Jean, portrait of a reintegration

Paris - 2006

Creative residency

CAPLE, Cerêt.

Jan > June 2024

Presqu'un chant, un chuchotement...

Solo Exhibition / Laboratoires Vivants, Nantes.

09.01.2024 > 21.02.2024

Creative residency Liger

Valimage, Tavers.

16.10.2023 > 15.12.2023

Prayer for lovers with broken hands

Festival International de la Photographie

Pinyao (China)

19.09.2023 > 25.09.2023

Standing on the beach, staring at the sea

Collective exhibition / Association Florence

Espace Commines, Paris.

23.11.2023 > 26.11.2023

Prayer for lovers with broken hands

ACP Gallery at the Eyes On Main Street Festival. Work realized during a residency in February 2023 in Wilson, NC (USA)

02.06.2023 > 31.07.2023

Un peu d'au claire et des peupliers à perte de vue

Solo Exhibition / MC93, Bobigny.

07.12.2022 > 02.04.2023

Shortlisted for the residency Capsule

Le Champ des Impossibles, Perche en Nocé.

Sessions 2022 & 2023

Open the Sun Doors

Festival Les Mesnographies, Mesnuls.

11.09.21 > 03.10.2021

Shortlisted for the creative residency

Fondation des Treilles, Tourtour.

Sessions 2020 & 2021

Standing on the beach, staring at the sea

Photodoc Documentary Photography Fair

Halle des Blancs Manteaux, Paris.


Standing on the beach, staring at the sea

Festival Planche(s) Contact

Creative Residency, Deauville.

Exhibition Galerie Point de Vue


Interview :   here   Some tearsheets : 1 2 3 4


Je me tire le portrait

Restitution of creation workshops around the portrait with young people in reintegration.
In partnership with the Mission Locale d'Insertion and the novelist Sylvain Patthieu.
Elsa Triolet Media Library, Bobigny.
2017       Poster here

Days run like wild horses in the hills

Photographic meetings of the 10th
Atelier Cosy Pixel, Paris.

9 degrés (Exposition  collective)

French Institute of Prague (Rép. Tch) 


Jbilets : une terre lunaire

Cityhall of Paris, ACTICSCE


Renaissance Photography (Expo collective)

Price-Mall galleries, Londres.


My Uncle

  • Festival Manifesto (Toulouse)

  • Festival MRPF - Projection (Phnom Pen) 

  • Month of Photo Off, Gallery 12 Cité (Paris)


Mob. +33 6 16 01 19 68



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